We are probably not your average breeders, we do not consider ourselves to being breeders in the usual meaning. We love animals and enjoy observe them, both of us grew up on David Attenborough series about animals and having pets (we had mice, degus, rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, fish) and both of us regulary helped or saved animals. We think that cats' society is an extremly interesting one. We've been living in close proximity with cats for 30 years now. Our advises mostly based on our observation and experience gained during these years and on some natural facts and scientific researches - we try to being updated.
Our cats are part of our family and however most of the photos were taken in our net-secured garden it was just because of better light conditions for more true pictures. We never use garden cages, our cats are free to use all of the room and to sleep with us.

We did not planned a 'cattery', we bought our first persians in Hungary one by one many-many years ago because of a feeling of 'fell in love for first sight' (oldest is 13 years retired but healhy lady). Observing them and being more and more attachted and educated we simply wanted them to live a natural, happy, healthy and possibly full life. When a job was offered to my husband and we decided to move to the UK we did the whole procedure, examinations, blood-tests, special vaccinations, passports, etc. to have the permission to bring them here as how it was required 9 years ago.
Due to their quite natural lifestyle they are healthy, energetic cats - if you turn to us for a kitten just please forget about placid rug-type persians, all of ours are with full-of-life type and of course they can have kittens.
I think that reason behind the placid persians' legend is inappropriate, unnatural feeding and due to this, lack of energy / health. I also wish to share experience here and there to help others with their persians if possible. When we arrived here - a 'rich'country from a rather 'poor' one we were a bit shocked to see how many health problems cats had here - we just could not understand - as time passed we discovered that our cats however not went sick but started to show signs of less energy, gums in corners of their eyes and so on. Was a frightening sign so we compared countries and lifestyles to find the differences between the two countries (Hungary and UK) like how most of people treat and keep their cats. Result was that while in a basicly poor country people do not afford regular vaccination and eg. Royal Canin, cats were healthier with less vaccination (or none) and kept on rest of kitchen' table like chicken intensines, head or fish or rest of the supper of family. On the other hand, here they had cat' plans dictated regular vaccination, chemicals (flea killers) and designed, produced food.
As we do not think that our responsibility is over when handle a kitten to you and also like them and their happiness and health is important, we researched, research and will research to be able to give the possible healthiest kitten to you and best advices to keep up good health.
We have references from our former kittens' owners, please have a look at it, you can see some really cute, beautiful or even unique cats on reference page.
Also we kindly ask you that before turning to us, please make sure that you can accept and follow our heretic / natural way that how to keep a kitten or rather not to turn to us. Allow me to explain, as we keep contact with several owners of our kittens I can declaire results: We have none - 0! - feedback about any problems at all from our clients who followed our way and keep cat(s) in natural way while - of course - we heard about problems where owner basicly cheated us, turn to us because of our kittens beauty but kept it on an unhealhy (modern, suggested, advertised, etc) way. It is completely your free choise to choose us or someone else, but please, we kindly ask you, if you choose us, follow our advices about diet, health, chemicals, vaccination - thank you in advance.
We feel responsible for our kittens, so we keep in touch with the new owners very happily if itis a mutual desire and happy to help new owners at any time if they need it, and even happier if the owner did not mind to give us information from time to time or maybe a photo about our former kittens. Having news makes us really happy and on other hand please consider that we can give true referencies in connection with our kittens' health, progress and adult' appereance if we had got referencies from their present owners .
Thank you for visiting us and feel free to contact us, please via email or phone for further information.