We are probably not your average breeders, we do not consider ourselves to being breeders in the usual meaning. We love animals and enjoy observe them. Cats' society is an extremly interesting one. Both of us grew up in a close connection with different kinds of animals (we had mice, degus, rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, fish) and both of us regulary helped or saved animals. We've been living in close proximity with cats for 30 years now. Our advises mostly based on our observation and experience gained during these years and on some natural facts and scientific researches - we try to being updated.
Our cats are part of our family and however most of the photos were taken in our net-secured garden it was just because of better light conditions for more true pictures. we never use garden cages, our cats live in the house and mostly sleep with us.
When we bought them it was love at first sight.

We did not planned a 'cattery', we just wanted our animals to live a common, natural life without disturbing them too much with our wishes or requirements and admitted the fact that giving new life is important and natural part of their life, too. With one exception our cats have full pedigrees were officialy resigered in Hungary. They had even some famous and international champion ancestors.
Luckily all of our cats are healthy, they always were and we do our best to maintain this good health of theirs like giving them a lot of raw food (good quality meat as cats are strictly carnivores). But above of all much love and care.
When a job was offered to my husband and we decided to move to the UK we couldn't left them behind of course, so we did the whole procedure, examinations, blood-tests, special vaccinations, passports, etc. to have the permission to bring them here.
Due to their quite natural lifestyle from time to time we have kittens, not too often from the same mother as we try to push their normal periods out a bit to be sure that their bodies have time enough to recover properly after giving birth.
We have references from our former kittens' owners, please have a look at it, you can see some really cute, beautiful or even unique cats on reference page.
We feel responsible for our kittens, so we keep in touch with the new owners very happily if itis a mutual desire and happy to help new owners at any time if they need it, and even happier if the owner did not mind to give us information from time to time or maybe a photo about our former kittens. Having news makes us really happy and on other hand please consider that we can give true referencies in connection with our kittens' health, progress and adult' appereance if we had got referencies from their present owners .
Thank you for visiting us and feel free to contact us, please via email or phone for further information.